CSC Inspection

Every container approved for marine shipping should have the basic documents such as certificate of type approval and specification certificate. There are also other industry-specific documents providing the basis for design and inspection during use.

These documents include the International Convention for Safe Containers from 1972. According to the Convention, inspections are classified as:

  • PES– Periodic Examination Scheme,
  • ACEP– Approved Continuous Examination Program.

PES is carried out within less than 5 years from the container production date and every subsequent inspection is performed within less than 30 months.

ACEP is carried out within less than 30 months from the last inspection. There are also general inspections (for large repairs and reconstructions) and routine inspections (to detect damage which must be repaired during running maintenance).

Our company is licensed to perform PES inspections.

The scope of inspections and repair is determined in the Framework instructions for the repairs of steel containers developed and approved by Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. and adopted by our company.

For detailed information, please contact our technical and sales support.